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Stud Bolt Feeder
Stud Bolt Feeder
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Stud Bolt Feeder
The Stud Bolt Feeder has replaced conventional arc welding with resistance welding for stud bolts and made dramatic improvements in the weld quality of stud bolts. The Stud Bolt Feeder has already been in use at automobile and other plants worldwide, thus contributing to the quality improvements and cost reduction of the plants. The unique electrode water cooling system of the Stud Bolt Feeder is running-cost saving, while the built-in bolt detector in the upper electrode prevents loss of bolts (patented worldwide). Models in a wide variety are available, which include those of standard stationary mounting type that can be applied to robot-processing stages, compact traverse feeding type that can be built into dedicated equipment, and smart type that can be mounted to C-type guns, thus responding to a broad range of needs.

Photo & Wark drawing

Stud Bolt Feeder

Work example

Stud Bolt Feeder
The above illustration shows a process in which a bolt fed to the upper electrode is welded to a panel that is transferred by a robot. The bolt can be fed while the panel is moving, which makes it possible to reduce the processing time. Furthermore, the stroke is maintained with a slim head, which secures a wide transfer space with ease of teaching. The feeding head can be mounted to either the left- or right-hand side. Furthermore, the Stud Bolt Feeder incorporates a speed control device that protects the bolt holding part from the impact of the bolt fed by air pressure, thus prolonging the life of the holding part.

Attachment list

Traverse feeding type
Stud Bolt Feeder Traverse feeding type
Smart A
Stud Bolt Feeder Smart A
Smart B (with C-gun mounted)
Stud Bolt Feeder Smart B (with C-gun mounted))
Allows pipe welding
Stud Bolt Feeder Allows pipe welding能