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Product introduction
Techno Aoyama’s Pace-Setting Automated  Feeder Technology is the Fruit of over 700 inventions. PARTS FEEDERStud  Bolt Feeder. Ejects bolts different in size. Allows the welding of steel plates as thin as or thinner than 0.65 mm.
The combination of resistance welding and our unique bolt feeding method using magnets sharply improves welding quality and production speed.
Stud  Bolt Feeder

Products patented in worldwide

Our feeding devices, which are highly accurate, epoch-making products incorporating a wealth of original ideas, have passed strict patent examinations in worldwide.
Bolt Feeder. Exceptional reliability and durability. Easy to use for beginners.
Developed new-type can cope easily with small work with prepared holes, which has been difficult. The compact supply rod, being fed from an oblique angle, has revolutionized stable operation on various work-forms.
Bolt Feeder
Nut Feeder.Always feeds nuts with no size discrepancy. Ease of centering. Perfect earthquake countermeasures.
Completed through the integration of many labor saving technologies. Since its introduction, developed device to prevent errors, including a machine that eliminate exhaust nuts that are reversed or are the wrong size. Developed a type with an air escape method and a type with a function for preventing pinching, and continue to evolve the technology.
Nut Feeder

Mark Description

International Patent Product The excellent workability and epoch-making technology of TECHNO AOYAMA's products, which have already been in operation in industrial plants worldwide, get a favorable reception.
eproduct The design based on TECHNO AOYAMA's unique theory and reliable technology patented worldwide have reduced the operating cost, weight, and energy consumption of its products.
Friendly to inexperienced users TECHNO AOYAMA's products are manufactured in response to on-site needs and with consideration to the workability, durability, and maintenance-free performance of the products, which contribute to improvements in ease of work, the safety of work, and prevention of disasters.