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Bolt Feeder
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Bolt Feeder
Bolt Feeder models in a wide variety are available, which include standard reciprocal magnet type, press-fit type that can be applied to robot-processing stages as well, T-bolt direction regulating type, and special type for short bolts that cannot be fed by round hoses, thus responding to a broad range of on-site needs. The Bolt Feeder incorporates a slip feeding rod where a bolt is held, thus making it possible to feed bolts to narrow areas. It is said that the escape often causes trouble. The Bolt Feeder incorporates an escape of unique structure (patented worldwide), which makes it possible to feed bolts steadily. Furthermore, Bolt Feeders for screw tightening equipment and fixed-quantity cutters are lined up as well.

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Bolt Feeder

Work example

The slim feeding rod quickly feed bolts steadily, which ensures high-quality work with no failures.
The feeding head is so compact that it ensures ease of teaching at the time of using robots and ease of panel insertion and extraction at the time of manual work. Furthermore, the Bolt Feeder incorporates a speed control device that protects the bolt holding part from the impact of the bolt fed by air pressure, thus prolonging the life of the holding part.