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Nut Feeder
Nut Feeder
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Inclined Nut Feeder

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Function for pinching prevention Nut Feeder


Horizontal Type
Nut Feeder Traverse Type
The Nut Feeder of traverse type feeds nuts steadily to U-shaped narrow areas as well. The offset upper load electrode does not need to move, which simplifies the equipment with a reduction in processing time and ensures safe and comfortable work
High-speed Type
Nut Feeder High-speed Type
The Nut Feeder of high-speed type can be used in combination with a robot to realize high-speed processing. The Nut Feeder operates more efficiently if the number of nuts fed increases.
Dedicated to Hat-type Nuts
Nut Feeder Dedicated to Hat-type Nuts
The head tip is designed exclusively for each nut. The Nut Feeder incorporates a tip gate that prevents the influence of magnetic fields generated at the time of turning the Nut Feeder ON and a speed control stopper that protects the head from the impact of nuts fed by air pressure. Flanged large-sized nuts are fed steadily as well.
Dedicated to Cap Nuts
Nut Feeder Dedicated to Cap Nuts
The Nut Feeder handles masking nuts and special nuts, such as those with no through holes. The Nut Feeder incorporates a magnet that the Nut Feeder moves mechanically in infallible control of magnetic force. The Nut Feeder feeds nuts that move by drawing an arc, which ensures infallible nut feeding.
Dedicated to Dome Nuts
Nut Feeder Dedicated to Dome Nuts
The chute and feeding rod are dedicated to dome nuts. The Nut Feeder incorporates a head tip gate and a speed control stopper, which stably feeds standard or flanged dome nuts.
Direction Regulating Type
Nut Feeder Direction Regulating Type
The Nut Feeder feeds nuts while regulating the direction of the nuts. The Nut Feeder is of simple construction and allows ease of feeding nuts to narrow places. The Nut Feeder handles T- shaped nuts and bolts as well.